E-commerce, Heavy Equipment/Construction Equipment (ACQUISITION)
Vertically Integrated CBD Company (ACQUISITION)
Professional Services (ACQUISITION)
Robot Design and Technology MFG Company (ACQUISITION)
National Franchise Sports Performance Center (ACQUISITION)
Specialty/Custom MFG for Boating Industry (ACQUISITION)
Professional Services Business (ACQUISITION)
Concrete Cutting and Coring (ACQUISITION)
Medical/Pharmaceutical Consulting Firm (ACQUISITION)
Commercial and Retail Flooring Company (ACQUISITION)
Four Location Coffee Chain (ACQUISITION)
Medical Device Company (ACQUISITION)
Direct Marketing Company (ACQUISITION)
Industrial Manufacturing, Design, & Installation (ACQUISITION)
Medical Clinic - General Practice (ACQUISITION)
Custom Parts MFG for Motorsports/Aerospace/Industries (ACQUISITION)
Diversified Multi-Faceted General Contractor (ACQUISITION)
Automotive Parts, Sales & Service (ACQUISITION)
Diversified Construction Company (ACQUISITION)
Commercial & Light Industrial Plumbing & HVAC Contracting Company (ACQUISITION)
Electrical Contractor (ACQUISITION)
Commercial Construction Company (ACQUISITION)
Exotic Animal Zoo and Park (ACQUISITION)
Marketing, Promotional, and Graphics Products Company (ACQUISITION)
Fiber Optic & Wireless Infrastructure-Telecom (ACQUISITION)
Swimming Pool Builder, Pool Sales, Service and Retail Store (ACQUISITION)
Masonry and Concrete Company (ACQUISITION)
Commercial Garage Door Sales, Installation & Repair (ACQUISITION)
Kitchen & Lighting Retail Store (ACQUISITION)
Tennis Courts & Golf Courses Branding MFG (ACQUISITION)
Shutter Company: Sales & Installation (ACQUISITION)
Manufacturer of Staircases, Commercial / Residential (ACQUISITION)
Niche Construction Company (ACQUISITION)
Garage Door Sales, Installation & Repair (ACQUISITION)
Chain of 3 Cigar Stores Plus E-Commerce (ACQUISITION)
Tier One Automotive MFG (ACQUISITION)
B2B Specialized 21st Century Marketing Company (ACQUISITION)
Racing Engineering Company (ACQUISITION)
Specialty Glass Fabrication, Sales & Installation (ACQUISITION)
Information Technologies (ACQUISITION)
Off-Grid Solar Systems (ACQUISITION)
Granite and Tile Sales, and Installation, 20 Locations (ACQUISITION)
Multi-Faceted General Contractor (ACQUISITION)
Information Technology/Services (ACQUISITION)

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