Strategic Partnerships

Working With Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions: An Introduction To Our Partner Program

Partnering with Gulfstream Mergers will help you to deliver successful outcomes for clients who own a business and are considering their exit and succession plans or seeking growth strategies via merger/acquisition. No matter where your client is in their journey, we can assist by providing sound, market-leading insights as they approach the biggest business decisions of their lives.

Since 1993, Gulfstream Mergers and Acquisitions has delivered tailored insights, options, and solutions by using a thorough and carefully crafted process. Once you partner with Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions, you gain a resource who understands your unique situation, with a track record of delivering solutions that your clients seek and deserve.

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What we Do

We work with principles of privately owned businesses in a variety of instances, including: 1) Selling all or part of their business 2) Acquiring companies as part of their overall growth strategy 3) Providing accurate and defendable valuations to plan for the future.

For over 30+ years, we have helped hundreds of shareholders and business owners to realize their aspirations. The team at Gulfstream Mergers has successfully advised on Hundreds of transactions in the last decade alone, making us one of the leading middle market dealmakers.

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Partnership Testimonials

Before partnering with the team at Gulfstream I never had an answer for my clients who came to me asking for help selling their business. Frankly, I never met any group I felt I could trust and as an attorney it wasn’t something, I was comfortable doing for them myself. Even worse were the clients who had already sold their business and now needed my help sorting out the mess from the sale.

Now it is different. I sat down with Gulfstream and they explained to me how their process worked and how they would work with us and our clients. I was impressed, since then I have directed my business owner clients towards Gulfstream, and my feedback has always been a thank you for the introduction. Additionally, they have recommended their clients back to me.

It is now part of our strategy to work closer with the Gulfstream team. I don’t want my clients, or us, to miss out on any opportunities.