Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions stands alone in the industry as over 85% of our transactions are 100% funded. Our associations with major banks have been cultivated over the years, built upon a history of successful transaction financing, closing, after closing, after closing.

Because we are a hands on firm, we work hand in hand with the lenders and our clients from start to finish, to assure the best possible outcome.

Whether the transaction is under $3 Million or exceeds $300 Million, we interface with all parties to assist with structuring the most advantageous financial package available to purchase the company.

For our Executive Clients, we possess a strategic association with a firm that can utilize a 401K or IRA plan to acquire a company. This is accomplished through the use of a self-directed IRA or 401K plan without penalty. At Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions, we have a proven track record of applying multiple strategies for financing acquisitions.

Some key benefits of Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions financing partners:

  • Minimal capital outlay, excellent leverage.
  • Outstanding cash flow ratio to capital injection and ROI.
  • Long Term Financing for Acquisitions and Real Estate.
  • Reasonable turnaround times.
  • Creative & Outside the box approaches to financing when called for.
  • Strategic alliances formed for long range growth.

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