Exit Planning

Clients often engage Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions to formulate and develop an exit plan that will, both, maximize value and optimize what the owners keep. Exit planning is done by evaluating various deal structures and the associated risk involved with each. What matters to our clients is what matters to us; Creating and keeping as much "net wealth" as possible.

It is preferable that exit planning happens 2-5 years before a business (or equity stake) is offered for sale. Having an extensive business strategy, always trying to improve the bottom line, creating clean historical financials (3+ years) and maintaining and empowering employees is critical. These are a few of the indicators that sophisticated buyers want to see in place.


  • Comprehensive strategic planning to establish goals and timeline expectations
  • Defining and measuring the business health and cycle
  • Defining and measuring Financial readiness and owner readiness
  • Complete Business valuation
  • Review all current systems including: Financial, IT, Inventory Systems, etc. & develop & implement any necessary improvement plans to add value
  • Tax implication review including; capital gains taxes, asset transfer taxes, etc.
  • Identify and decide optimal exit options
  • Deal-term scenarios, stock sale, asset sale, earn-outs, etc.
  • Execute strategy to achieve desired goals