Why an Exit Strategy Is as Important as Your Business Plan

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For the sake of the business, the owners may be forced to leave the company to maximize the company’s value. For this process, it may have to go through a merger and acquisition process, among many other options.

It’s not an abrupt decision made amid things, but an elaborate plan formulated when setting off on the venture with changes in between with respect to time and the changing landscape of things.

A Plan for The Future

An exit strategy is a guide for the company on what their goals are. It helps them determine an endpoint that they have to achieve before they leave the business.

Does this initial owner plan to let the business continue for as long as possible, or do they plan to discontinue it eventually? All of this is described in the exit plan.

Incentive for Investors

An important facet of every business plan that investors focus on is the exit strategy. This is likely the scenario in which they will get back the money they invest in your business, and without presenting them with exit planning, they might not invest in your business. It can be difficult to pay the initial investment back by just revenue alone, and an exit strategy will be your way of paying them off in the long run.

A Flexible Template

An exit plan is not entirely static and changes over time, often due to unfortunate consequences such as death, illness, divorce or some urgent need to relocate, requiring a change in the initial strategy laid out. With an exit strategy in place, it helps the company not lose value over time while still maintaining a feasible goal in mind for the future.

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