Making Integration Successful in M&A: 4 Things to Do on Both Sides

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A business meeting where buy-side and sell-side parties are conducting an M&A deal.

In the world of M&A, it’s considered common knowledge that integration planning is best done early, and integration leads must be made part of the deal’s lifecycle, at least as a due diligence consideration. That said, integration is hardly simple to achieve, not least because of disparate company cultures and achieving synergies.

In this piece, we’re going to explore the top four strategies organizations should deploy for making integration successful from both sides of the deal. Let’s dive in.

Keep and Promote an Agile Mindset from the Get-Go

It’s important that parties on both sides adopt an agile mindset going into the deal. The first step to adopting such a stance is to have both sides be determined to see the deal through and have open and honest discussions about its main objectives. It helps facilitate an atmosphere where both parties are moving forward with the deal before signing any documents.

Prioritize the Long Term

When it comes to making integration successful in M&A, it’s important that both parties prioritize focusing on the long term overarching goals of the deal. For example, in the case of the sell-side party, it means having discussions early on about the long term goals the company’s employees have been striving towards and how said goals could be achieved even after the company is acquired.

Take Advantage of the Leadership Kick-Off Play

The buy-side party should initiate the leadership kick-off plat so that leaders from both sides of the deal can meet and discuss objectives. Ideally, this is best initiated after due diligence. Once due diligence is complete, the more time leadership gets to interact with each other, across all functions, the better.

Have the Integration Team Stay Longer

One of the most effective ways to ensure company integration is smooth, even several months down the line, is to have the integration team stay for longer than the typical six-month marker. A good way to think about this is to keep them on as long as they add value to the deal.

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